Amit Kramer


School of Labor and Employment Relations

247E LER Building, 504 E. Armory Avenue, Champaign, IL 61820


PhD, Human Resources and Industrial Relations, University of Minnesota, 2009
MA, Organizational Sociology, University of Haifa, 2001
BA, Sociology and Political Science, University of Haifa, 1998

Research Interests

Relationship between work, family and health
Family-friendly policies in organizations and their effect on employee and employer’s outcomes
Diversity and identity outcomes in teams and organizations

My program of research focuses on the complex relationship between work/family resources, demands, and responsibilities on the one hand, and employees’ physical and psychological health and wellbeing, on the other hand. In addition, I study the effectiveness of family friendly policies in achieving desired goals by organizations, employees, and their families. More specifically, I have a three-step research program that examines (a) what makes employees aware of HR life/family-policies; (b) what predicts utilization of these policies by employees, or why some employees choose not to use these policies; and (c) once used, do HR life/family-policies achieve their intended organizational (e.g., retention) and individual outcomes (e.g., positive work-life outcomes, health, and well-being).

I also study the role diversity and identity play in individual and organizational outcomes. I am especially interested in studying inequality in the workplace and outside and how it interacts with inequality outside the workplace. I define inequality broadly – it includes racial and ethnic inequality, gender inequality, and social class inequality.

In my research I combine insights from HR, OB, psychology and economics and I value interdisciplinary research. Accordingly, my research has been published in journals from diverse fields such as psychology (e.g., JAP, JVB), OB/HR (e.g., JOB), industrial relations (e.g., ILRR and IR), and economics (e.g., American Economic Review Proceedings).

Editorial Roles/Board Memberships

Associate Editor, Journal of Vocational Behavior
Editorial Board Member, Human Resource Management Journal
Editorial Board Member, Human Resource Management Review

LER 591 Employment Relations Systems
LER 595 Managing Diversity Globally

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