You can complete our on-campus program in three semesters, and our online program in just under two years.



Last year, over 90% of our domestic candidates in the on-campus program received job offers before June.



Full time hires averaged over $85k annually, and interns average over $6k per month. Online graduates see an average 26% salary bump post-graduation.



Our global alumni network advances the field of employment relations and your future career.

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Critical Research

Among many critical subjects that our faculty studies, we have evolving research that is updated on a regular basis. As part of Illinois state legislation, LER faculty author annual reports documenting diversity and inclusion at Illinois corporations. We also collaborate with Cornell University’s ILR School to create a comprehensive database of strike and labor protest activity across the United States in order to better inform and support labor movement activists, policymakers, and scholars.

Institute and Extension Programs

Labor Education

Based in Champaign and Chicago, the Labor Education Program is the only state-wide provider of professional training and development for union leaders and workers in Illinois.

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Climate Jobs Institute

The Climate Jobs Institute, at the University of Illinois, is one of the first academic institutes dedicated to the study of labor and work impacts of the climate transition.

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Hazmat Training

The Hazardous Materials Training Program provides some of the most comprehensive hazardous materials training in the Midwest.

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