For top HR talent, hire fellow LER graduates.

If you are interested in recruiting LER students or alumni to work for your company, start by registering as an Employer user with LER Career Services in Handshake, Illinois’ online recruiting platform. For assistance, see the Handshake Help Center page for employers or contact LER Career Services.

For questions about using Handshake, contact Brooke D’Urso.

You can also connect with LER students and alumni by joining the LER group on LinkedIn. All job leads are welcome in that group, although the opportunities usually skew towards fresh graduates or early career. Many of our online students use LinkedIn as their primary means of search, and you can often find them there.

If you need to find talent that is authorized to work outside the US, contact Associate Director Brian Neighbors for further information.

Nell Madigan is available to help talk through how to onboard a new company to the LER recruiting process, or how to find current students in the traditional or online program, or how to connect with the appropriate alumni for your opening.