General Information

The companies who come to School of Labor and Employment Relations to recruit generally are interested in filling human resources management positions.

If you have more specific interests (e.g. union organizing, public or not-for-profit organizations) please contact the Career Services Office to discuss your personalized job search strategy. By tapping into our other contacts and alumni, we can help you find the right position.

We are committed to providing you with personalized service in developing your resume and preparing your own marketing plan and job search strategy. Work with us to develop an effective plan that will work for your goals.

Students currently enrolled in the traditional LER program may interview on-campus for summer internships and full-time positions. Recruiting for full-time positions takes place primarily in October for both December and May graduates, although a few companies request interviews in the spring. Internship interviewing takes place in the fall and in the spring semester, primarily in February.

We have partnered with Handshake to provide online access to job descriptions, screening of on-line resumes by employers, and signing-up for interviews. By using these services as an LER student, you are subject to the policies covered under our Student Usage Agreement, so please review and be aware of all related information.

Newly-admitted students in the on-campus program should also be aware of the information available at to prepare them for their on-campus recruiting process.


Career Services primarily uses email to reach students who are interviewing for internships and full-time positions. Be sure that you are checking for messages as they may be time-sensitive, particularly during recruiting season.

Phone Calls

It is important that we have access to your current phone number, so be sure it is updated in Handshake and on your resume. Please ensure that your voice mail message is appropriate for business-related calls.

Relationship Between School and Work

The process of interviewing for internship and full-time positions is an important component of your time at the School. The LER faculty and staff understand and endorse your efforts. Companies will not value your contributions as an employee, however, if you are not completing your coursework and school responsibilities. How you juggle the competing priorities during on-campus recruiting says a lot about your character and decision-making abilities. Please familiarize yourself with our Statement of Academic Expectations on the first page of the LER handbook, and be aware that your presence and participation in class is the foremost reason why you are studying at the School. On-campus interview schedule conflicts with class meetings can be resolved by working with the Career Services Office to find another interview time for you.


Occasionally, situations arise that make it impossible for a student to keep a scheduled on-campus interview. This should be a highly unusual circumstance. In the event that you must cancel an interview, please notify our office at your earliest convenience by phone or email, but not less than 24 hours prior to your interview. This will allow us to schedule a student who is wait-listed into your time slot. Failure to honor an interview is considered a serious breach of business etiquette. “No Shows” are unacceptable for any reason.

If you have an unexcused “no show” for a scheduled interview, you will not be allowed to participate in any recruiting activities for the remainder of the recruiting cycle, or six months when school is in session, at the discretion of the Director of Career Services. A “no show” could include an interview for which you are over ten minutes late by the LER clock, so please remember to arrive early for your scheduled interviews. If you are having an emergency, you must call ahead to the Career Services Coordinator or an office staff member in room 147 so that we can notify the recruiter of your situation.

If you are unable to attend your interview for any non-emergency reason, you must notify the Career Services Office PRIOR to 4 p.m. two business days prior to the interview, PRIOR to 4 p.m. on Thursday for Monday interviews. In order to easily fill your slot, our office prefers that you notify us no less than 24 hours prior to your interview. If you release your slot to another candidate without notifying LER Career Services, and that candidate doesn’t show, you are responsible for it, and your recruiting privileges will be in peril.

The no-show policy applies to any type of interview secured through LER Career Services or with an LER recruiting partner organization.

Appropriate Attire

Students who are interviewing and attending corporate information sessions are expected to dress appropriately. What you choose to wear reflects on the School as well as your qualifications and seriousness in applying for a position. Be sure to study up online to see what is considered appropriate interview attire, as there are many references to current trends. Some companies request business casual for interviews as well as information sessions; remember that business casual excludes blue jeans!


It is required to have your resume reviewed by Career Services for formatting and content before it is made available to employers. Resumes can be uploaded to Handshake only after they have been approved. When employers are on-site, a resume will be printed by the Career Services office recruiter packet that recruiters receive when they arrive. Although the Career Services office will provide recruiters copies of resumes on an as-needed basis, students who are interviewing are encouraged to always have extra copies with them.

Employers who interview online will receive your resume electronically, typically through their own applicant tracking system or the Handshake system, depending on their required process.

By submitting Statement of Academic Expectations to LER Career Services, you authorize our office to release your resume to companies or agencies that you have selected to receive your resume or that we have identified as interested in hiring LER students with your qualifications.

Virtual Interviews

For virtual interviews, be sure that your hardware and connection are appropriate for a smooth, uninterrupted connection during your interview. If you don’t have a quiet, professional, well-lit space to conduct your interview at home, you may reserve space at LER.

For all virtual interview-related activities, your camera should be on at all times, and your visible attire should be professional.

Be sure you have practiced in the virtual format by using our Big Interview system.