We are very proud to welcome back an accomplished alumnus/ae to each graduation ceremony to give a speech to our graduating class. It is a great honor to be selected, and speakers have demonstrated a great breadth of experiences across the field of employment relations. Prior to May 2000, the event was informal and consisted of speakers giving “alumni greetings” and then the students receiving their degree.  No one dressed  in regalia or participated in a formal ceremony.

May 1992Leonard Borkowski
May 1993Janet Snow-Godfrey
May 1994Francine Parham
May 1995Yasumitsu Nihei and Osamu Koyama—son of Hachiro Koyama
May 1996Daniel Gallagher & Sophia Zukrowski
May 1997Arnold Webber
May 1998Alan May
December 1998Floyd Whellan
May 1999No Speaker
December 1999Paul Elbert
May 2000Don Martin
December 2000Michele Miller
May 2001Robben Fleming
December 2001Marla Mellies
May 2002Joseph Moore
December 2002Thomas Wicke
May 2003Brian Mallory
December 2003Lisa Kelly
May 2004Sandy Roach
December 2004Alan May
May 2005Christopher Pawlowicz
December 2005Bruce Carmichael
May 2006Alan Tecktiel
December 2006Steven Merkin
May 2007Joyce Ingram
December 2007Leon Loichle
May 2008Craig Ritchie
December 2008Joel Zelnick
May 2009Larry Pearlman
December 2009Sandy Sigman
May 2010Linda Blandford-Beringsmith
December 2010John Brockhaus
May 2011Robin Ritter
December 2011Kim Warmbier
May 2012Jack Calabro
December 2012Phil Menzel
May 2013Tim Brinkmann
December 2013Adrienne Washington
May 2014Peter B. Liveright
December 2014Steven Ginsburgh
May 2015John Ramon
December 2015George Paulin
May 2016Francine Parham
December 2016Michael Schwartz
May 2017David Hanrahan
December 2017Kimberly Ramsey
May 2018Andrew Bartlow
December 2018Dan Spaulding
May 2019Naomi Saladin
December 2019Will Waller
May and December 2020Video Remarks from Dean Drasgow and Alumni (COVID)
May 2021Video Remarks from Dean Drasgow, Larry Pearlman, and Professor Ryan Lamare (COVID)
December 2021Craig LaTorre
May 2022Andrea Frohning
Fall 2022Samantha Dwinell
Spring 2023Kim Martin