Students may earn the MHRIR and Juris Doctor (JD) degree in three to three and half years.


Students interested in this program must meet the admission requirements of both the University of Illinois College of Law and the Graduate College. Students admitted to the program will either take the first-year law curriculum, or, if admitted to the School of Labor and Employment Relations during the second semester of any academic year, take the initial semester’s curriculum in Labor and Industrial Relations and, in the next academic year, the first year law curriculum. Candidates should consult the College of Law concerning any additional law requirements.

Degree Requirements

Students enrolled in the joint JD/MHRIR degree must complete 36 hours of coursework in LER and 74 hours of coursework in the College of Law. Students must take the two LER required courses, fulfill the subject distribution requirements as specified in the master’s curriculum, and also satisfy the labor and employment law requirement.

For students enrolled in the joint degree program, the College of Law will not recognize any elective courses in other departments or colleges of the University in addition to the work towards the MHRIR degree.

All requirements must be met, and both degrees must be awarded concurrently under the joint program. Students are required to enroll in the College of Law for at least five semesters and LER for two semesters.

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