LER and the University of Illinois Alumni Association recognize alumni for their contributions to the school and to the university.


The alumni board has recognized the following individuals for their contributions to the school.

1999Special Recognition AwardMargaret Chaplan
1995Distinguished Service AwardHarry Triandis
1991Special Recognition AwardMelvin Rothbaum
1990Special Recognition AwardWalter Franke
1989Special Recognition AwardAlice Vernon
1988Special Recognition AwardMartin Wagner
1987Distinguished Service AwardRobben Fleming
1987Special Recognition AwardMartin H. Schneid
1987Special Recognition AwardFrank Schmieder
1986Special Recognition AwardMilton Derber
1986Special Recognition AwardAdolph Sturmthal
1985Outstanding Dedication AwardErnest Hoffman
1985Special Recognition AwardRobert G. Gibson
1985Special Recognition AwardPhillips Garman
1984Exceptional Service AwardWilliam H. McPherson
1984Special Recognition AwardW. Ellison Chalmers

The University of Illinois Alumni Association (UIAA) recognizes alumni annually for exceptional service to a constituent group, in particular, and UIAA in general.

2006Constituent Leadership HonoreeLarry Pearlman, AM 1989