Choose a program right for you

With a degree from Illinois, you’ll join a talented group of professionals highly sought by employers – from high-tech firms to Fortune 100 companies to top research universities.

Human Resources Master’s

A Human Resources Master’s degree will prepare you for a well-paying and exciting role in business, union, and government organizations.

Online Human Resources Masters

The online Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations (M.H.R.I.R.) is tailored to meet the needs of working professionals and incorporates your professional experience in the classroom.

Master’s isn’t what you’re looking for?

LER offers a PhD option as well as an undergraduate minor program for interested students.

Human Resource Ph.D

The human resources Ph.D. program at Illinois will provide an invaluable depth of knowledge to begin an academic career in employment relations.

Undergraduate Minor

Offered through the Labor Education Program (LEP), the minor gives students the opportunity to analyze issues facing workers and labor unions. Courses look at the interplay of class, gender, race and labor organizations in the workplace.