LER Student/Employer Projects

One way to support students for little or no financial commitment is to sponsor a project for credit. The most enriching experiences for the students involve real-world experience and exposure to workplace issues. The LER student projects can leave a lasting impression on students, and provide a valuable resume-builder.

  • Companies who have the need for HR project work (anything related to employment relations) can submit project proposals for the program; projects can be done in spring, summer or fall semesters
  • LER program leadership reviews the projects proposed and selects projects to be assigned to student teams
  • A faculty member will be assigned to supervise each student team and assess their performance for each selected project; students will receive independent study credit for the project
  • Students are assigned to the projects selected, anywhere from 2-5 students per project
  • The project is done like a class, allowing students to hold jobs or internships concurrent to project completion
  • Each team of students benefits by having experience delivering real-life business projects with exposure to HR professionals and organizations in the field
  • Companies are welcome to bring students on-site to learn about the organization or present the final project to leadership, as budget and travel restrictions allow

All LER students in good standing are eligible to apply for the program, including students who have internships or other jobs. This program was first piloted on a small scale during spring 2020. Our goal now is to expand to more organizations. There is potential for this program to be offered on a regular basis during future semesters, depending on the outcome of this expansion, need, and other factors.

Contact Nell Madigan for further information.