International students play an important role in contributing to the dynamic culture of The School of Labor and Employment Relations. Their unique perspectives are invaluable for understanding the world of HR/IR and continuously benefit the entire LER network. Currently, international students at LER hail from China, India, Indonesia, Nigeria, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan and make up 30% of the total student body.

Professional Success

Like their domestic counterparts, international students find great professional success through the Master of Human Resources and Industrial Relations program in the form of both internships and full-time positions. While some secure roles with companies in the US, increasingly strict immigration laws continue to lead to a decrease in employers’ willingness to sponsor visas. The majority of international students at LER return to their home countries for internships and full-time roles with top-tier companies. A few of the companies where these students have found success in their home countries include Adidas, Bayer, BP, ByteDance, Dell, DOW, Dupont, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, and P&G, Tencent.

See what kind of roles and career paths our international students follow and learn about their backgrounds by reading some student/graduate profiles here.

Resources for International Students

LER recognizes the unique nature of the job-search process for international students and has designed special resources to help. A designated staff member works to continuously to build and strengthen relationships with international employers, and an International Peer Advisor holds regular office hours to help with resume and interview preparation. Faculty and staff also seize opportunities when traveling abroad to engage international alumni and build connections between employers and students.


Details on the admissions process for international students can be found here.