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The Climate Jobs Institute at LER conducts rigorous data collection and research to help minimize job loss, maximize high-quality job creation and economic development, and facilitate just transitions, workforce development programs, and activities necessary to meet the increased labor demand in the State’s clean-energy sector.



In 2021, the Illinois Climate and Equitable Jobs Act became law, setting clear benchmarks and timelines for transitioning Illinois’ energy economy to being carbon-free by 2045.



In the process of largely eliminating fossil fuels and transitioning to a low-carbon, climate-friendly economy, Illinois will experience profound changes that will reshape entire economic sectors, industries, and communities.



As of 2021, clean energy companies employed more than 120,000 Illinoisans. Jobs such as wind turbine technicians, solar panel installers, and nuclear plant engineers, to security officers, teachers and janitors.

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The Climate Jobs Institute, at the University of Illinois, is one of the first academic institutes dedicated to the study of labor and work impacts of the climate transition. We want to connect with researchers in climate science, energy policy, labor, and work, among other areas, who are interested in the emerging field of work and climate transition. We’re building connections with potential research partners and collaborators, as well interested members of the academic and wider communities.

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