Leo Alexander III


School of Labor & Employment Relations

247A LER Building, 504 E. Armory Avenue, Champaign, IL 61820


PhD, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Rice University, 2022
MA, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Rice University
BA, Psychology, California State University, Sacramento

Research Interests

Employee recruitment and selection
Adverse impact
Quantitative methodology

Leo’s research focuses on how advances in technology, such as machine learning, big data, and web-based technologies, are affecting psychological testing, quantitative research methodology, and personnel selection. He is particularly interested in how advances in technology may be used to increase fairness and diversity in employee recruitment and selection. He is currently investigating the effect of sourcing algorithms used to deliver online job ads to potential job applicants on hiring decisions. In addition, he is working on a research project that uses signal detection theory to measure the performance of people charged with detecting adverse impact in hiring decisions.

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