Jiwook Jung


School of Labor and Employment Relations

235 LER Building, 504 E. Armory Ave. Champaign, IL 61820

Education & Experience

PhD, Sociology, Harvard University, 2012
MA, Sociology, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2003
BA, Sociology, Seoul National University, South Korea, 2001

Jung was an Assistant Professor of Sociology at the National University of Singapore during 2012-2016.

Research Interests

Organizational Theory
Economic Sociology
Labor Markets
Corporate Governance
Social Inequality

Recent Publications

Tomaskovic-Devey, Donald, Anthony Rainey, Dustin Avent-Holt, Nina Bandelj, István Boza, David Cort, Olivier Godechot, Gergely Hajdu, Martin Hällsten, Lasse Folke Henriksen, Are Skeie Hermansen, Feng Hou, Jiwook Jung, Aleksandra Kanjuo-Mrčela, Joe King, Naomi Kodama, Tali Kristal, Alena Křížková, Zoltán Lippényi, Silvia Maja Melzer, Eunmi Mun, Andrew Penner, Trond Petersen, Andreja Poje, Mirna Safi, Max Thaning, and Zaibu Tufail. 2020. “Rising between Workplace Inequalities in High Income Countries.” Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117(17): 9277-9283.

Jung, Jiwook, and Taekjin Shin. 2019. “Learning Not to Diversify: The Transformation of Graduate Business Education and the Decline of Diversifying Acquisitions.” Administrative Science Quarterly 64(2): 337-369.

Mun, Eunmi, and Jiwook Jung. 2018. “Policy Generosity, Employer Heterogeneity, and Women’s Employment Opportunities: The Welfare State Paradox Reexamined.” American Sociological Review 83(3): 508-535.

Mun, Eunmi, and Jiwook Jung. 2018. “Change above the Glass Ceiling: Corporate Social Responsibility and Gender Diversity in Japanese Firms.” Administrative Science Quarterly 63(2): 409-440.

Pernell, Kim, Jiwook Jung, and Frank Dobbin. 2017. “The Hazards of Expert Control: Chief Risk Officers and Risky Derivatives.” American Sociological Review 82(3): 511-541.

Jung, Jiwook. 2016. “Through the Contested Terrain: Implementation of Downsizing Announcements by Large U.S. Firms, 1984-2005.” American Sociological Review 81(2): 347-373.


LER 590EC Executive Compensation
LER 590CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
LER 566 International HR Management
LER 590X Macro Research Methods

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