Jennifer Nelson


College of Education

334 Education Building, 1310 S. Sixth St. Champaign, IL 61820


PhD, Sociology, Emory University, 2018
BA, Sociology, Columbia University, 2008

Research Interests

  • Organizational Behavior and Theory
  • Organizational Sociology
  • Diversity/DEI
  • Qualitative Methods/Ethnography
  • Mixed Methods/Survey Research

Awards, Honors, Associations

Michael Fullan Emerging Scholar in Professional Capital and Community Award, Journal of Professional Capital and Community, 2020

AERA Division A Outstanding Dissertation Award, American Education Research Association, 2019

Selected Publications

Grissom, J. A., Timmer, J. D., Nelson, J. L., & Blissett, R. S. L. (2021). Unequal pay for equal work? Unpacking the gender gap in principal compensation. Economics of Education Review82, [102114].  link >

Nelson, J. L., Grissom, J. A., & Cameron, M. L. (2021). Performance, Process, and Interpersonal Relationships: Explaining Principals’ Perceptions of Principal Evaluation. Educational Administration Quarterly57(4), 641-678.  link >

Nelson, J. L., & Vallas, S. P. (2021). Race and Inequality at Work: An Occupational Perspective. Sociology Compass15(10), [e12926].  link >

Nelson, J. L. (2019). How organizational minorities form and use social ties: Evidence from teachers in majority-white and majority-black schools. American Journal of Sociology125(2), 382-430.  link >

Nelson, J. L., Hegtvedt, K. A., Haardörfer, R., & Hayward, J. L. (2019). Trust and Respect at Work: Justice Antecedents and the Role of Coworker Dynamics. Work and Occupations46(3), 307-338.  link >

Puckett, C., & Nelson, J. L. (2019). The Geek Instinct: Theorizing Cultural Alignment in Disadvantaged Contexts. Qualitative Sociology42(1), 25-48.  link >

Nelson, J. L. (2018). Review: G. M. Flores’ Latina Teachers: Creating Careers and Guarding CultureContemporary Sociology47(4), 453-455.  link >

Nelson, J. L. (2017). Pathways to Green(er) Pastures: Reward Bundles, Human Capital, and Turnover Decisions in a Semi-Profession. Qualitative Sociology40(1), 23-57.  link >

Nelson, J. L., & Lewis, A. E. (2016). “I’m a teacher, not a babysitter”: Workers’ strategies for managing identity-related denials of dignity in the early childhood workplace. Research in the Sociology of Work29, 37-71.  link >


Diversity, Leadership & Policy (EPOL 531)
Org Theory for Ed Leaders (EPOL 544)
Education and Stratification (EPOL 557)

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