Dakshinya Banju

Graduate Research Assistant

Dakshinya headshot

Dakshinya is currently working as a Research Assistant at CJI where she assists with research and analysis on clean energy jobs, equitable jobs and their mapping. With a robust skill set encompassing expertise in statistics, GIS (Geographic Information System), and research methodologies, Dakshinya brings a quantitative and analytical edge to her work.

In her academic pursuits, Dakshinya is pursuing a master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Illinois, specializing in transportation planning. Her academic journey includes a bachelor’s degree in Urban Planning from JNAFAU in India, laying the foundation for her comprehensive understanding of urban development.

A passionate advocate for equity in transportation, Dakshinya’s commitment reflects in her works, which predominantly focus on the intersection of equity and sustainability. Her research contributions delve into the complexities of urban planning, with a keen emphasis on fostering inclusive and environmentally sustainable transportation systems.