As a student in LER, you will have unlimited opportunities at your fingertips. Many of those opportunities come with some compromise, which can include moving to a new city or state. Moving may seem daunting, but a couple of recent alumni might change your mind.

Mikaela Szwargulski and Surabhi Kiran, both MHRIR 22 grads, recently moved to Minnesota and explained why it was an excellent move for them and why being present in person (rather than a full-remote role) is essential to starting your career.

Mikaela and Surabhi both moved from different states to attend the school and while they had some nerves, they didn’t regret their decision. During their time at LER, they both interned at UnitedHealth Group (UHG) but were fully remote following the pandemic. Because of this, they felt a disconnect between them and their team members. While working remotely has its perks, it also has some significant downfalls. One such downfall is how hard it is to make natural connections with coworkers when not in the office.

When deciding whether or not to continue to be remote, they decided being in person was best for them and their professional careers. They understand they won’t be in one place long-term because UnitedHealth Group offers a two-year rotational program, and that will give them a number of opportunities to try new locations and roles. This made that first move easier.

Both alumni encourage current students to get out of their comfort zone, explore new environments, and be open to change.

“LER provided such great opportunities for us to go and do those kinds of things and to grow… I really think people should take advantage of it because it never has to be permanent.”

Surabhi Kiran, MHRIR 22

As they transitioned into their full-time role and started their rotational program at UHG, they made lasting connections they could lean on when needed. “We’re both very fortunate that we already had strong relationships coming into this from LER, knowing people who are also working here.” Mikaela and Surabhi also hit on having multiple opportunities to interact with their team members, which would have been lost if they were remote. While they have a hybrid schedule, they still make it a point to meet with coworkers on their days outside the office. They also have fun outside the office, like getting dressed up and going to the new Barbie movie!

When asked if they had any advice for current and future students, Surabhi said, “If a company is paying you to do it, you have the time and resources available, and you’re healthy and stable, why not take it?”

Take advantage of the opportunities provided to you during your time at LER, and gain the experience you came for. You are already stepping outside of your comfort zone getting your graduate degree, so take it a step further and explore new environments and gain these vital connections.

Feel free to contact Mikaela and Surabhi if you have any questions or want to speak with them about their time at LER and after. They would be happy to support you in any way they can.