Natalie Hong, MHRIR 21, is a Concerns & Investigations Supervisor with United Parcel Service (UPS). She graduated from Illinois with a bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology and knew that she wanted to explore how psychology fits in the workplace. She wasn’t exactly sure what function of HR was most appealing, so she joined the School. LER provided her the opportunity to discover the many opportunities within HR, and the exposure to join UPS as one of their first graduate HR interns.

During her internship at UPS, her task was to help create the first graduate HR internship program, and upon graduation she was offered a full-time position in UPS’ rotational HR Leadership Development Program (HRLDP).

Her first rotation is within Employee Relations as a Concerns & Investigations Supervisor. She has been able to learn about data analysis, specifically through analyzing a large amount of concern data and finding potential patterns. Through this work, she’s been able to provide leadership with a large-scale picture into a certain geographical area’s concern space. This work allows UPS to determine areas of development, as well as providing a bit of background before they evaluate the employee experience at specific UPS facilities.

In her first months at UPS, she has been able to participate in several On-Site Experience Research trips where their team distributes surveys, conducts one-on-one interviews, leads focus groups, and observes various levels of employees’ experiences on a day-to-day basis in UPS facilities.

“This position as a Concerns & Investigations Supervisor has also given me education and exposure to our Employee Dispute Resolution program. It’s interesting to see concepts I learned at LER regarding arbitration and mediation play out in real life in UPS’ space,” she says.

She recently got a new director who is heavily focused on union status at UPS. UPS is the single largest employer of Teamsters, and the contract with Teamsters is the largest private collective bargaining agreement in North America. She is excited for the exposure her new director will provide into this critical space.

Natalie talks often about what a great launching pad her time at LER was to start this brand new, and unexpected, career. Her time at the School afforded her the ability to make connections with one of LER’s newest employer partners and help them create an amazing career path for her and those who come after.

“Throughout my work, I frequently collaborate, not only with my own team, but with our other HR partners and cross-functionally. UPS has the best people who are always willing to develop others. I am grateful for my UPS partners that teach me new things every day and allow me exposure into areas I am still learning.

My time with UPS has just begun, and I’m looking forward to my next two rotations in the HRLDP. I hope to gain experience next in staffing or Talent Acquisition, and I am grateful for those leading the HRLDP for working with me on my own personal interests and goals.”