Congratulations to our LER staff for a productive 2021!

Becky Barker has been selected to join the Graduate College Administrative Advisory Group (AAG) for a three-year term 2021-2024. The AAG is a group of departmental administrators whose work focuses primarily on the operational aspects of Graduate College policies and procedures.

Eden Haycraft is serving as the President of the Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers (MWACE) for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. MWACE is a regional association that brings together career focused academic professionals with employers seeking college talent. Eden has served on the MWACE Board for 2+ years and has been involved in some capacity within the association since Fall 2015.

The School’s building addition and renovation were added to the list of Outstanding Design for the 2021 American School & University Architectural Portfolio. The project was managed by Nell Madigan and designed by Cordogan Clark and Associates.

Wyatt Martin has accepted the role of Co-Chair of the Business Manager’s Group on campus. This group is the largest business group at UIUC that holds monthly meetings during the academic year with standing business and HR subcommittees that provide the campus business/HR communities with monthly business updates as well as resources to more efficiently operate within their roles.  Wyatt will be Co-Chair for 2021-22 and will take over as Chair in August 2022.

Eden Haycraft is currently the Co-Chair of the Online Student Services Watercooler group for campus-wide online program staff

Chris Hanson serves as one of the faculty safety advisors for the Illinois International Solar Decathlon Team (competing against five other American teams and three international).  Additionally he is on the Ad Hoc committee providing recommendations for the Chez Veterans Center.  Haz Mat has provided OSHA 10 & 30-hour Construction Safety courses for 30 students last year and they will train another 31 in the next few months.

The School was featured at the top of the list of “25 Best Master’s in Human Resources” by Best  College Reviews: