Faculty and Staff Milestones

Christine Riordan

received a four-year, $446,021 grant from the National Science Foundation (from their Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier program.) The grant is part of a collaborative research project titled “Upskilling workers and redesigning workplaces for the future of automation in the hospitality industry,” undertaken in partnership with UNITE HERE, Carnegie Mellon University, Michigan State University, New Mexico State University, and Stockton University.

Bob Bruno received a $61,600 grant from Honeywell for his research project “Gig Economy Survey and Rideshare Minimum Wage Report.”

Eliza Forsythe

received a $30,000 grant from the Department of Labor for her research project “Understanding Disparities in Unemployment Insurance Recipiency.”

Andrew Weaver

received a $16,254 grant from the Russell Sage Foundation (part of a larger Michigan State sponsorship) for his research project “Longitudinal Predictors of Skill Demands in Targeted U.S. Industries,” and a $55,510 grant from NSF (with Rutgers as the prime sponsor) for his research project “The Hidden Innovation Infrastructure: Understanding the Economic Development Role of Technician Education.”

Richard Benton was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure and Ryan Lamare was promoted to Full Professor.

Augustus Wood

was featured in an interview on the University website for his “Off the Shelf” podcast through the Humanities Research Institute (HRI): Get to Know: Augustus Wood, Podcast Host | HRI - Humanities Research Institute - University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Yihao Liu

was one of five scholars that received the Journal of Management Outstanding Reviewer Award for 2021. This award is given out to scholars who reviewed for the journal consistently, promptly and with the highest quality.

Michael LeRoy's research article, “The Professional Labor Market for Teenage Basketball Players: Disruptive Competition to the NCAA’s Amateur Model,” will be published in Berkeley Journal of Entertainment and Sports Law.

Alison Dickson

was interviewed for an in-depth exposé, along with eight others, highlighting issues affecting the Latinx community in Chicago. The Field Foundation of Illinois funded production and dissemination of this story through its Media and Storytelling program and it will be published in a book next year. You can read more here.

Sanghoon Lee

PhD Candidate

was awarded the Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) Scholarship by the Association of Korean Management Scholars (AKMS) for the paper “Work To Win or Work Not to Lose? Promotion and Prevention Focus in Workaholism”, co-first authored with Drs. Sunjin Pak and Amit Kramer. The SERI Scholarship “recognizes four best papers presented at the Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management. Two SERI scholarships are awarded to papers in the strategy (STR), organization theory (OT) and/or entrepreneurship (ENT) domains, and the other two to papers in the organizational behavior (OB) and/or human resource management (HRM) domains.”

PhD Candidates Yaqing He and Yijue Liang were awarded the Tim Judge Fellowship this summer. This fellowship is awarded annually to a LER doctoral student whose accomplishments are deemed to be exemplary by a faculty committee.

Ki-Jung Kim

PhD Candidate

successfully passed his final draft of his second-year paper on August 2, 2021.

Yijue Liang

PhD Candidate

successfully passed her preliminary exam on June 30, 2021. Thank you to her committee of YoungAh Park, chair, Fritz Drasgow, Yihao Liu and Simon Restubog.

Becky Barker has been selected to join the Graduate College Administrative Advisory Group (AAG) for a three-year term 2021-2024. The AAG is a group of departmental administrators whose work focuses primarily on the operational aspects of Graduate College policies and procedures.

Eden Haycraft

is serving as the President of the Midwest Association of Colleges and Employers (MWACE) for the 2021 – 2022 academic year. MWACE is a regional association that brings together career focused academic professionals with employers seeking college talent. Eden has served on the MWACE Board for 2+ years and has been involved in some capacity within the association since Fall 2015.

The School’s building addition and renovation were added to the list of Outstanding Design for the 2021 American School and University Architectural Portfolio. The project was managed by Nell Madigan and designed by Cordogan Clark and Associates.

Wyatt Martin has accepted the role of Co-Chair of the Business Manager’s Group on campus. This group is the largest business group at UIUC that holds monthly meetings during the academic year with standing business and HR subcommittees that provide the campus business/HR communities with monthly business updates as well as resources to more efficiently operate within their roles. Wyatt will be Co-Chair for 2021-22 and will take over as Chair in August 2022.

Eden Haycraft is currently the Co-Chair of the Online Student Services Watercooler group for campus-wide online program staff.

Chris Hanson serves as one of the faculty safety advisors for the Illinois International Solar Decathlon Team (competing against five other American teams and three international). Additionally he is on the Ad Hoc committee providing recommendations for the Chez Veterans Center. Haz Mat has provided OSHA 10 and 30-hour Construction Safety courses for 30 students last year and they will train another 31 in the next few months.

The School was featured at the top of the list of “25 Best Master’s in Human Resources” by Best College Reviews.

Abibak Hafeez

PhD Candidate

successfully passed his Preliminary Exam (Three Essays on Controversies and Debates in ADR) on November 18, 2020. He passed his final exam on June 1, 2021 and deposited his dissertation, entitled 'Workplace alternative dispute resolution: usage proclivity and outcomes' on Friday, July 16. His committee was Ryan Lamare, chair, Ariel Avgar, Mark Gough and Michael LeRoy. He accepted a one-year post-doctoral fellowship with the Scheinman Institute, ILR School, Cornell University.

Weihao Li

PhD Candidate

has passed his Area of Specialization Exam on January 25, 2021 and his Preliminary Defense Exam on August 13, 2021. His committee was Ryan Lamare, chair, Bob Bruno, Christine Riordan and Tobias Schulze-Cleven.

Lucy Headrick

PhD Candidate

was awarded the 2021 Society of Industrial and Organizational Graduate Student Scholarship Award. She was selected among a very competitive field and recognized for achievement in a graduate career.

Yaqing He

PhD Candidate

successfully passed her second-year paper requirement on February 22, 2021.

Lucy Hendrick

successfully defended her dissertation on Wednesday, April 7. Her dissertation entitled “Spiraling effects of firefighters? Emotional demands and off-duty unhealthy behaviors: psychosocial resources and healthy behaviors as moderators,” was officially deposited with the Graduate College Thesis Office. Her committee was YoungAh Park, Chair, Amit Kramer, Dan Newman and Simon Restubog. She accepted a tenure-track position in the Lucas College of Business at San Jose State University.

Lucy Headrick

PhD Candidate

had her poster submission “Does emotional labor harm diet and exercise? A weekly diary exploration” accepted by the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology. She co-authored this with YoungAh Park. Lucy and YoungAh also had a paper presentation “Work-related electronic communications during non-work time: Antecedents and outcomes in teachers” accepted by SIOP.

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