Research Highlight

Richard Benton and Andrew Weaver

LER’s top-tier faculty continue to challenge our students and alumni with global knowledge and timely research.

Andrew Weaver, who teaches Firm Performance in HR Management, and Richard Benton, who teaches Organizational Fundamentals for HR, have received a National Science Foundation grant to study how financial pressures affect an organization’s HR procedures.

Today’s marketplace can be quite volatile with companies regularly being subjected to private equity buyouts, mergers and acquisitions, and movement in the stock market. Weaver and Benton realized that there is not much information available about how HR responds to these financial pressures. Do the firms take different approaches to job training or succession planning? What other HR practices are affected?

They are creating a study with national representation and statistical analysis to bring to light the effects these pressures have on HR in a variety of organizations, focusing on three industries: computer/electronics manufacturing, retail, and professional/scientific/technical services.

Get Involved!

The professors would love to hear from other alumni who are interested in this subject area and talk about ideas that will help shape the future of this study. Contact Professor Andrew Weaver or Professor Richard Benton if you would like to be included in the conversation!

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