I was recently asked what I find most special about LER, and without hesitation I answered, “our alumni—the LER family.”

After further consideration, I realized that everything that we’ve done in 2019 reflects positively on our LER family, and wouldn’t be possible without you. In a sense, this is my year-end letter talking about all those of whom I am most proud.

Our family home was renovated, and it’s beautiful. We made it more spacious and attractive while maintaining our unique personality and remembering our history. It will be a source of pride for years to come.

Many of our family members have enjoyed great success. Our faculty and students are thriving, and our alumni are more successful than ever. Additionally, they are sharing their success with us through generous donations.

Our family has grown in new and special ways. We’ve welcomed more students from other parts of the world, and we’ve started and grown an online program that brings new family members with different backgrounds into the fold. We’ve also welcomed new faculty and staff to the team.

Finally, our family continues to impact the world around them through the research of our graduate faculty and the Labor Education Program. They continue to find knowledge that helps the workers and leaders of our economy make the workplace better for themselves and the organizations they lead.

I’m honored to be a part of the LER family and to share this success with you.



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