This year has been an amazing year at LER, and we were grateful to finally celebrate our 75th anniversary!  It was wonderful seeing our alumni, current students, and faculty come together for such a special occasion.

Our oldest living graduate, Mr. Peter Liveright, AM 49, turned 101 this fall. As the commencement speaker in 2014, he referred to his time at the then-Institute as an “unforgettable educational odyssey.”  It is my hope that LER continues to be remembered in this way for the next 75 years — and beyond.

We want to remain unforgettable for our alumni and are thrilled to hear how many trace their successes and happy memories to their time at the School. This storied and successful past is an important part of what led me to LER. I love having those building blocks to help us plan what is to come. 

The accomplishments of 2022 will lay the groundwork for our big plans for 2023. Over the next year, I look forward to sharing more about our achievements with you, as we continue our outstanding traditional master’s program, build our online offerings, create and showcase our faculty’s innovative workplace research, and open our new Climate Jobs Institute. Your support will make these things possible. 

This year’s Annual Review looks back at our past and chronicles our newest successes.   I look forward to building what comes next, and hope you’ll join me.