LER courses are now available in bite-sized portions, thanks to four online certificates taught through the School. Suggest it for employees who want to develop skills in a new area or use it yourself to build knowledge in a new area. 

The online certificate program consists of four tracks of 12 credit hours apiece. Each certificate requires completion of three four-hour courses either six or eight weeks in length per course. Each has a weekly synchronous component allowing interaction with faculty and peers. Students can engage in as many certificate tracks as they wish and will be eligible to apply for the full master’s program after completion of one certificate, which will count towards the master’s requirement. 

Certificate tracks include: 

Fundamentals of Human Resources

Obtain a framework for the analysis of employment relationships including human resources management strategies and practices. Learn about the theoretical and practical issues surrounding the design of effective compensation systems and the practice of identifying and recruiting a diverse workforce.

Compensation Best Practices

Develop skills for the negotiation process as the interactive basis for union-management relations; conflict and conflict resolution as part of the negotiating process; wage and other effects of collective bargaining. Learn about hiring, promotion, evaluation, discrimination, raiding, job definition, pay schemes, benefits, and design of work.

Human Resources Management

Develop skills to manage and motivate employees effectively and build core skills needed for effective change management.

Human Resources Data Analytics

Understand technical aspects of analysis in tools such as Excel including recruiting and staffing, hiring assessments, succession planning, compensation, non-exempt workforce/negotiations, and training measurement.