The diversity of our students is raising the bar in the field of human resources and industrial relations.

Undergraduate degrees of our students include psychology, speech communications, economics, business administration, sociology, urban & regional planning, engineering, accounting, English, and organizational studies. Some students enter the school directly from an undergraduate institution. Some students have been in one career for many years and are seeking graduate study to prepare for career change.

Student Stats

In 2019-20, LER master’s students came from 76 undergraduate institutions (37 domestic and 39 international), 61 majors, 13 states and nine countries. The class is 75% female, 31.7% minority (20.1% African American, Hispanic/Latino and Native American; 11.6% Asian American). The class is 30% international. Thirty-one percent have at least one year work experience and the average age is 23.

Spring 2021 On-Campus Master’s Program
Fall 2020 On-Campus Master’s Program
American Indian/Native Alaskan2

*Includes JD/MHRIR and MBA/MHRIR

Note: Spring semester enrollment is traditionally lower because the three-semester program graduates students in December.

Active Leaders

Our students are very active at the School and university level. You can find them in advising roles at the Business Career Center and The Career Center, and in assistantships at Academic Human Resources and University Human Resources. Our student organizations are active and used as effective networking and skill building tools. The School Student Society for Human Resource Management Chapter (SSHRM) has received numerous awards. The Labor and Industrial Relations Association (LIRA) has student representation on all LER college committees. The Multicultural Student Association (MSA) organizes the annual Multicultural Fest each November, which usually features a panel of school alumni.