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LER Recruiting Update for Fall 2021 (effective May 12)

As of May 12, we want to provide our recruiting partners an update about recruiting plans for  HR students this fall. In the past week our office has received multiple inquiries about our ability to host employers this fall, and these are our initial plans. Obviously, as has been the case for the past year, things change quickly. The following is what we currently anticipate we can accommodate for fall recruiting at the School of Labor and Employment Relations.

Many of you have been on campus before, and some have just posted jobs for our students on Handshake. Either way, we are happy to have you recruit our master’s students into your HR program. We are expecting about 90 students in our incoming class for fall, and I know that they enjoy being able to connect with as many organizations as possible to find their best fit for a challenging career.

At this time, students will be fully in person on campus for the fall 2021 semester. This may come with caps on capacity in our rooms, and will require that we adhere to whatever distance/mask requirements are put forth by the State of Illinois and the Illinois Board of Higher Education. There is a possibility if Illinois enters “phase five” before that time, we will be at full room capacity. This shift is currently slated to happen in June. You should be assured that we have a requirement that all staff/students/faculty test twice a week while on campus, so our building is a safe place to be. That will continue this fall, although those who have proof of vaccination will be allowed to quit testing at some point before the fall semester.

Our plan is to accommodate all employer requests for in-person activities within the bounds of the campus policies at that time. Our interview rooms are the correct size to accommodate at least one interviewer and a candidate, and several rooms are larger. If you wish to bring two interviewers per room, we need to discuss what space to use, but we’re happy to work through that with your team. We will still provide lunches for your team.

There could be some issues surrounding an attendance cap for information sessions if the room capacities don’t increase enough. If that is the case and you have need for more than 40-50 in your session, we have the ability to open a second room so you can run two concurrent sessions at your assigned time. As we do each year, we will only schedule one company at each time slot to avoid conflicts that hurt your attendance.

Even if room capacities are at 100%, we understand that everyone is working back into a comfort level with “close contact” situations. As a result, we will work to stagger attendance at any of our regular in-person events like the Scholarship Reception or Internship Bash to keep numbers manageable. We will also work to serve individually-packaged food at lunches and events.  One referral we can give for your own orders for information sessions or workshops: we have had great luck at recent events with Michael’s Catering, and they are prepared to provide boxed meals or boxed appetizers/snacks for your events. They are available at 217-351-2500 or You are welcome to order from any vendor that works for you.

If your company does not allow travel by September, we will also work with you to schedule online interviews with our students.

If you’d like to discuss your options, feel free to reach out to Nell Madigan at or 217-333-1534. To schedule dates, you can contact Brooke D’Urso at or 217-300-9313. We understand you may not know the answer to what your fall schedule will be at this time. You’re welcome to hold dates and kick off the process and then your interview format can be whatever corresponds with your company policy in September.

Our first day of class is Monday, August 23. We will have workshops and information sessions beginning at that time. For those coming to interview on campus, our preference would be to begin those schedules on Monday, September 27, in order to allow our students to get back into their schedules, get used to campus and class, meet the companies who have requested events, and practice their interviewing. If you have a need for a different schedule, please contact me and let’s talk about what we can do to help. Our goal is to provide the best service possible as we work through a weird transition, so please use us. We are very closely connected with our students, and can help you connect with them and share your messaging. The more we know, the more help we can provide! In addition to Brooke and me, Associate Director Brian Neighbors can assist you with the process and ideas. He is available at

Further, if you’re interested in making a stronger connection with the students through events or classroom speaking, please contact Nell Madigan at and set up the activities that meet your organization’s goals.

We’re excited to head back into a more normal semester, and look forward to hearing from you.

Brian, Brooke, and Nell