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LER Dean’s Challenge

Alumni support is paramount for the School of Labor and Employment Relations. As we move towards our overall goal of securing cash and pledges totaling $1.5 million for the LER Classroom Addition, Dean Drasgow has a new challenge for our loyal alumni.

What is a Challenge?
One of the ways to encourage alumni giving is to offer the incentive of a “match” for every dollar donated. Offering donors a match is one of the most effective tools the University of Illinois has at our disposal –though we are usually talking about employer matching programs. This is different.

How is LER’s Challenge Different?
LER is sponsoring this challenge by using our own Dean’s Discretionary Fund to match alumni contributions to the LER Building Enhancement Fund. The Dean will match up to a total of $100,000 from alumni donors who make a gift or execute a pledge agreement in a set time frame.

Dean Drasgow challenges all alumni to make their FY16 gift count not once but twice (and if you have a corporate matching giving program, three times is the charm) when they make a gift between Tuesday, April 19th and Thursday, June 30th.

  • Matches will be applied to gift and pledge donated to the LER Building Enhancement fund
  • The minimum to match is $25
  • Total matched funds will not exceed $100,000
  • The maximum match will be $10,000 (gifts at this level require either (a) a one-time cash gift or (b) a fully executed pledge agreement signed by the donor, the University of Illinois Foundation and the School of Labor and Employment Relations
  • Dean’s matching funds  qualify the donor for LER Building Enhancement fund naming levels/opportunities
  • Dates for participation/matching are 4/19/16- 6/30/16
  • If you would like to make a multi-year pledge and will sign and execute a Pledge Agreement, the dean will match the total of your pledge up to $10,000 per donor or donor family (For specific details, e-mail Director of Development, Heather Vazquez –
  • This offer applies to the donor’s portion of the gift (employer matches are not matched)
    o Does your company offer a match? Click here to find out
  • Questions? Call Heather Vazquez (217)333-2517 or e-mail