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School of Labor and Employment Relations University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

AFSCME Council 31 and the University of Illinois School of Labor and Employment Relations have offered a week-long training program for local union leaders and activists since 1989.

Classes include:

  • Labor History (3 hours) – A history of the American labor movement and its lessons for unions today.
  • Labor and Politics (1.5 hours) – A history of the labor movement’s involvement in the political process.
  • Challenges Facing the Labor Movement (1.5 hours) – Analysis of the political and legal challenges facing unions in Illinois today.
  • Leadership (1.5 hours) – Learning how to recruit and develop new leaders.
  • Building Power in the Workplace (6 hours) – Learning how to identify key problems and work with potential allies to achieve important union goals.
  • Activist Training (4.5 hours) – Learning how to spur workers to deepen involvement in their union through reflective listening and one to one conversations.
  • Action Planning (1.5 hours) – Learning how to develop an action plan to achieve a strategic goal.
  • Reaching Out to Our Community (1.5 hours) – Learning how to identify and gather support from the broader community to help unions achieve key goals.
  • Effective Public Speaking (4.5) – Learning how to prepare and present a public address.
  • Getting Our Message Out (1.5 hours) – Tools for effective communication with union members and the public, including earned media and social media strategies.

For more information about the AFSCME Summer Institute, please contact Martha Glotzhober.