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School of Labor and Employment Relations University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Published Academic Papers

Peer-reviewed research is a core component of the Labor Education Program.

Our faculty provide expertise in multiple areas, including workers representation, building strong employment relationships, worker organizations, labor history and union institutional behavior. Based upon their research and scholarly productivity, as well as key leadership roles served in professional associations, faculty members are acknowledged as leaders in their respective fields.  LEP contributes to the scholarly understanding of issues facing workers, unions, and the employment relationship.

Professor Bob Bruno

Alternatives to the Strike: Case Studies and Theory Building

Union Bargaining from the Streets: Why Coordinated Campaigns are Popular

Bargaining Through Cooperation: The Impact of Labor Management Teams on Steward Identity and Performance

Building Class Identity: Lessons from Labor Education

Consenting to be Governed: Union Transformation and Teamster Democracy

Contract Campaigns, Union Organizing and Leadership Development: The Case of Teamster Psychologists

Democratic Goods: Teamster Reform and Collective Bargaining Outcomes

From Union Identity to Union Voting: An Assessment of the 1996 Election

Lean Production and the Discourse of Dissent: Radicalizing the Shopfloor at Mitsubishi Motors

From High Hopes to Disillusionment: The Evolution of Worker Attitudes at Mitsubishi Motors

Do the Organizing Means Determine the Bargaining Ends?

Presidential Labor Regimes: Democrats from Roosevelt to Clinton

Evidence of “Class Anxiety” in the Chicago Tribune Coverage of Organized Labor: A Quantitative Study from 1991 to 2001

USWA Bargained and State Oriented Responses to the Re-current Steel Crisis

Voting the ‘New Union’ Label: Illinois Labor and The Return to Class Politics