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School of Labor and Employment Relations University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Financial Aid

A full financial aid package is awarded to all students accepted into the doctoral degree program, regardless of citizenship.

Tuition Waiver & Stipend

A typical financial aid offer combines a waiver of tuition (resident or non-resident) and service fees with a fellowship stipend and/or research assistantship. A typical research assistantship stipend for a doctoral student is $10,000 – $20,700 per year.

If you enter the program after completing your bachelor’s degree, you can expect to receive up to four years of financial aid. If entering after your master’s degree, you can expect three years of aid. To continue receiving financial aid, you must show you are making satisfactory progress toward your degree and performing satisfactorily as a research or teaching assistant.

Research Support

Doctoral students are encouraged to take part in scholarly and professional meetings by presenting papers, giving presentations at poster sessions, organizing a program session or other invitational activity. To encourage this activity, the school provides doctoral students with conference travel support.

PhD students may also request funding to support dissertation research. With the endorsement of your faculty advisor, LER will provide one such grant during the course of your research. Additional support opportunities are available from our Campus Research Board and from external funding agencies.

University of Illinois Financial Aid

The University of Illinois has very competitive financial aid packages for minority students and scholars of exceptional ability. Contact Professor Craig Olson at or Becky Barker at for more information about financial aid for doctoral students.