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4700 Plaza Drive
Irving, TX. 75063

Be here by the evening of Tuesday, January 7th. We have provided the hotel a rooming list based on the information that was emailed to you.  Nell, Eden, Jason and Cory will be arriving earlier in the day on Tuesday.

Our Raytheon trip is the first stop on the morning of the 8th, and you can have breakfast at the hotel. Be prepared to leave the hotel at 8:30 a.m.

Your travel to the hotel is your own responsibility, as is your transportation following the event. The hotel has a DFW airport shuttle at no additional cost. If you fly into Love Field, you should calculate your Uber charges when making a decision on your flights.

Your room will be shared with another student, assigned by LER. You can request a roommate/s, but we can’t promise to honor every request. Offers to bunk up a couple extra and save us some money are appreciated! We will pay for the room, but for NO INCIDENTAL CHARGES. If those are charged to the room, we will have you pay for those charges.

If you cancel prior to the event, you will owe us a $100 fee for the hotel room.


We’re in Texas, and many of these professional locations are more casual than typically seen in most visits. You are fine to wear jeans if they are NICE. Khaki’s or slacks are fine. Don’t bring skirts, and don’t bring shoes that are not closed – not tennis/gym shoes, but something else. You must wear shoes that cover the top of your foot to ensure that no manufacturing sites will have issues with your footwear. So – flat boots or booties, or oxfords would be great choices. Flats that keep the top of your foot open aren’t a good choice.

Short sleeved shirts are fine, but you can’t wear something sleeveless (sorry, Jason.)

In the PepsiCo facility you will have to remove all jewelry, etc., so please don’t plan to accessorize heavily that day. Be sure you have secure pockets to stash your rings, etc. If possible, don’t wear nail polish.

You may not be able to participate in all tours if you don’t have this attire.

It always rains during our visits this time of year – please bring an appropriate jacket and small umbrella.

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Please recall – NO PHOTOGRAPHS INSIDE THE VISIT FACILITIES, especially Lockheed Martin and Raytheon. Keep your phones off and away unless you are invited to take pictures. This includes in front of the facilities.


See below for the target times and addresses, along with my alumni tour contact for each location. If you are not with us for the departure, we’ll leave you a message, but you will be responsible for getting to the location on your own. LER will ONLY pay for the group transportation – if you miss the group, you will pay your own travel.

Raytheon Company – 9:30 a.m., Monday January 8

6000 Lemmon Ave.
Dallas, TX 75209

We will depart the hotel at 8:30 a.m. Information from Raytheon about the visit –

Safety tips for RPM Visitors:

Please use handrails

If you will be taking a tour:

– No open toe or open heel shoes

– No high heels

– No cell phones/photography on plant floor

– Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be provided

– Obtain PPE prior to visiting manufacturing areas

Texas Instruments – 12 p.m., Monday January 8

13536 Central Expy
Dallas, TX 75243

We will eat lunch, have an overview of TI and some of the cool stuff they make/do, visit “Innovation Hall” to play with some of their products, have a presentation from a business leader, and meet with their HDRP’s.

Alumni Happy Hour – TBA, 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 8

The Ranch at Las Colinas –  The Thirsty Lion, 350 West Las Colinas Boulevard
Irving, TX 75039

This is not a required event, and there is not a formal ending time for this event. If you want to leave early or stay longer you are welcome to do so – there won’t be a formal transport back to the hotel but some of you can catch a ride with one of us if you leave at the same time. The hotel shuttle can take you there or pick you up as long as they aren’t on an airport run. Staff will be there by 5 pm to set up. Remember that we have an early meeting on Tuesday.

Lockheed Martin – 9 a.m., Thursday, January 9

1 Lockheed Blvd
Fort Worth, TX 76108

We will leave the hotel by 7:30 a.m. so that we have time for traffic issues and to check in to Lockheed Martin. You need your government-issued ID for entry, and be sure you have responded to the security email they sent.

Frito-Lay – 1 p.m., Thursday, January 9

701 N Wildwood Dr
Irving, TX 75061

No Camera Policy and general visit information is available at – GMP – No Camera Policy B.

This location is under construction – they are adding two new lines to be one of Frito’s largest facilities.

Again – if you miss our transportation, you will be responsible for your own travel. We will return you to the hotel to pick up your bags following the PepsiCo visit. Our target ending time at the plant is 3 pm, and the plant is 15 minutes from the hotel. Once back at the hotel – the LER portion of your trip is done, and you will be responsible for your transportation to your flight. The hotel shuttle does operate regularly at no charge to the DFW airport.