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School of Labor and Employment Relations University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Future Courses

Fall 2020

Fall 2020 Course Offerings (PDF)

Fall 2020 Course Grid (PDF)

LER 558 Faculty-Student Workshop (PhD Seminar) TBA
LER 556 Industrial Relations Theory (PhD) Riordan
LER 590RWO Research in Work and Organizations (PhD) Mun
LER 591A Employment Relations Systems Cardador
LER 591B Employment Relations Systems Cardador
LER 593AE1 Quantitative Methods in LER* Newman
LER 593BE1 Quantitative Methods in LER* Newman
LER 599 Thesis Research (PhD) Faculty Specific

*Register with CRN for Lecture (AE1 or BE1 and CRN with specific quiz section on grid) 593AQ1  54240     593AQ2  54241    593BQ1  54243     593BQ2  54244


1. Union-Management Relations and Labor Relations Policy

LER 542 Collective Bargaining Riordan
LER 543 Workplace Dispute Resolution Lamare


2. Human Resource Management

LER 522 Government Regulation LeRoy
LER 523 Organization Fundamentals for HR Benton
LER 561 Compensation Systems Lyu
LER 562 Human Resources Planning and Staffing Restubog
LER 565 Human Resources Management and Strategy Won
LER 568 Firm Performance in HR Management Weaver
LER 569 Power and Influence in Human Resources Management (1st 8 wks, 2 hrs) Benton
LER 590EC Executive Compensation Jung
LER 598 Implementing High Performing Work Systems Won


3. Labor Markets and Employment

LER 545 Economics of Human Resources Forsythe
LER 590EGW Economics of Gender and the Workforce Weinstein
LER 590WPP Workforce Policies & Partnerships Weaver


4. International HR

LER 566 International Human Resources Management Jung
LER 590CER Comparative Employment Relations Mun
LER 595 Managing Diversity Globally Kramer


Other Related Courses

LER 590 Individual Topics Faculty Specific
LER 590CMT Career Management  Restubog
LER 590EW  Employee Stress, Well-Being & Safety Park
LER 590GI Management of Workplace Gender Issues Park
LER 590GT Game Theory and HR Strategy Lamare
LER 590HDA HR Data Analytics (1st 8wks, 2hrs) Drasgow
LER 590IM Immigration, Employment Law, and Public Policy LeRoy
LER 590SN Social Networks in HRM (2nd 8 wks, 2hrs) Benton

If you have questions about courses, contact the faculty member currently teaching the course or Assistant Dean Becky Barker.