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Donor Profile

Andrew Bartlow, MHRIR ’10

Vice President of Human Resources
Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust

AlumniBoard_Bartlow“There will always be a dynamic tension between academics and career placement, as well as between theory and practice. LER balances those priorities and interests quite well. Continued engagement with alumni is a key, as the reputation of the School is largely driven by its graduates. Successful placement within quality organizations and continued career advancement ensures that LER graduates are more influential within the field, more financial resources and public recognition flows to the School, high quality students are attached to the program, high quality organizations seek to recruit those students, and a virtuous cycle is created.” Andrew Bartlow, LER graduate and three-term Alumni Board member, reflects on this “virtuous cycle” with fond memories and admiration.

Andrew remembers on-campus information sessions presented by dozens of employers and his discussions with Alice Vernon and Susan Sands about his future career path and his road to placement, deeming their advice and knowledge “priceless.” Finally, he remembers Professor Leroy’s Labor Relations and Negotiations class because the content was interesting but also because he greatly respects him as a facilitator, teacher, and leader.

He has chosen to support LER because it is one of the influences in his life that he has identified with most closely. The relationships he made and opportunities he’s had have continued and evolved since he’s been out of school and says that LER has had a major and continuing impact upon his career opportunities and success. He proudly chooses to give back to LER because it has provided him with so much in his life and believes that his family’s support will but create a legacy for the future.