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School of Labor and Employment Relations University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Building Enhancements Campaign

Alumni, friends and corporate partners have generously contributed over $300,000 to our building enhancement campaign.

This support has enabled us to maintain the size of our footprint by transforming already existing space into a state-of-the-art seminar room, six professional recruiting rooms and an adjoining administrative suite, named the Walt Franke Suite. It has also given us the ability to renovate all of our faculty and staff offices that remained untouched since the creation of our building. To all the generous supporters we say, thank you.

Those who attended LER during the tenure of a very special leader – Walt Franke – drove the naming of the administrative space in his honor.   During Walt’s time as a member of the faculty, and later as a director, the school (known as an institute at the time) went through many changes. A building was built. Student enrollment increased. Corporate recruiters came in greater abundance. And the field of human resources gained a seat at the proverbial table. From 1957-1994, Walt shared his knowledge in the classroom, led as director, and collaborated with countless people in order to strengthen our program.

Director Emeritus Peter Feuille and his wife Susan also generously gave to support a 2010 remodel of the former administrative offices on the second floor to create three new faculty offices.

We need continued support to improve the Labor and Employment Relations Building and invite all our alumni to participate. All gifts will be recognized in respect to your participation in these enduring improvements to the LER experience.

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