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Alumni Mentoring Program

Share your experience with future professionals.

Since 2001, the alumni mentoring program has offered graduate students the chance to interact one-on-one with an LER alumnus.

What does online mentoring involve?

Mentoring does not require a large time commitment. Through LinkedIn, you can be available to current students to answer questions about your career, industry or your time at LER. Students understand the goal of this program is not to help them get a job or an internship. They expect to get feedback on their job search tactics, tips on how to network successfully, and comments on how various HR strategies are used in the workplace. It may be a one-time conversation or develop into a long-term relationship – it’s really up to you and the student.

Why mentor?

By mentoring a student, you will have the unique chance to enhance that student’s education and give them a vital link to current workplace practices and real-world insights. By sharing your experience and knowledge, you shape a future HR professional and ensure the success in the field. This program also gives alumni a great way to stay in touch with your alma mater.
As a mentor, you may also be contacted to speak by phone or email to potential LER students who have asked to learn more about the program by speaking to alumni or people in the HR industry. This is a very personal and invaluable tool for LER to use as a recruiting tool for the best incoming students.

How do I become a mentor?

Request to join the School of Labor and Employment Relations Career Services group and the LER Mentoring subgroup on LinkedIn. Once approved to the subgroup, students can begin to browse your profile profiles and make initial contact as needed.

If you have questions about the mentoring program, email