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School of Labor and Employment Relations University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Fritz Drasgow
Nell Madigan
Associate Dean
Becky Barker
Assistant Dean
Wyatt Martin
Budget & Resource Planning
Cory Hatfield
Associate Director
Development and Alumni Relations
Jason Boys
Associate Director
Career and Student Services
Eden Haycraft
Associate Director
Graduate Online Programs

Support Staff

Lynne Hoveln, Administrative Assistant I
147 LER, (217) 333-1480

Amanda Boyd, Accountant 
107 LER, (217) 300-5953

Brooke D’Urso, Office Manager
Career Services
147 LER, (217) 333-2777

Michele Macaraeg, Office Support Associate
Development and Alumni Relations
147 LER, (217) 300-7879

Rachael Sanders, Office Support Specialist
Admissions and Student Services
147 LER, (217) 333-1482

Erin Mies, Career Consultant
Graduate Online Programs