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School of Labor and Employment Relations University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Steven Ashby

Clinical Professor

Labor Education Program (Chicago)

Rice Building, Suite 110, 815 W. Van Buren Chicago, IL 60607


PhD, American History, University of Chicago, 1993
MA, International Relations, University of Chicago, 1989
BA, Sociology, University of California at Berkeley, 1987


Industrial Relations Research Association “Excellence in Education” National Teaching Award, 2003
Indiana University Trustees “Excellence in Teaching” Award, 2003

Research Interests

Professor Ashby’s main research interests are labor’s new strategies to resist corporate union-busting such as corporate campaigns, contract campaigns, work-to-rule, solidarity committees, labor-community coalitions, and non-violent civil disobedience. His forthcoming book with University of Illinois Press is The Staley Workers and the Fight for a New American Labor Movement. He is also revising his dissertation into a book, Shattered Dreams: The American Working Class and the Coming of the Cold War.


Union Organizing
Grievance Representation
Introduction to Labor Studies
Globalization and Workers
Images of Labor Through Film
U.S. Labor History
Strikes in the 1990s
How the Media Views Workers and Unions