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School of Labor & Employment Relations University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign



Fritz Drasgow
Nell Madigan
Associate Dean
Becky Barker
Assistant Dean
Mary Kay McCallen
Budget & Resource Planning
Jason Boys
Assistant Director
Career and Student Services
Katherine Eriksen
Assistant Director
Graduate Online Programs


Support Staff

Lynne Hoveln, Administrative Assistant I
147 LER, (217) 333-1480

Wendy Gooch, Office Manager
Career Services
147 LER, (217) 333-2777

Rachael Sanders, Office Support Specialist
Admissions and Student Services
147 LER, (217) 333-1482

Yoo-Seong Song, LER Librarian
Associate Professor of Library Administration
205 LER & 101 Library – BEL, (217) 333-8021