We are pleased to welcome Professor Simon Restubog to the role of interim dean designate of the School of Labor and Employment Relations, pending approval by the Board of Trustees.

Simon joined the School in 2018, relocating from the Australian National University. He is a prolific scholar, with countless publications, grants, and awards. His research interests include:  employment relationships and future of work, the dark side of human behavior in organizations, and career development. He is known with our students for teaching both HR Planning & Staffing and Career Management.

Interim Dean Simon Restubog

“I am deeply honored and enthusiastic about stepping into the interim role as Dean of LER. This offers me a unique opportunity to further advance the strategic priorities of LER. Kahlil Gibran’s quote, ‘Work is love made visible,’ resonates with me and captures my approach to this role. I view this position not merely as a set of responsibilities but as a platform to express my dedication and passion for our collective goals and vision. My excitement stems from the belief that, through our collective and unified efforts, we can demonstrate our commitment to LER and its mission, driving us toward greater success.”

Keep an eye out for more communication from the School and Simon about our exciting plans for fall!