Charlie Miller, MHRIR 2024
Investigator, Illinois Department of Human Rights (IDHR)

Q: What has been your favorite class in LER and why?

A: All the classes I have attended thus far in the LER program have contributed unique lenses that assist me in my work at IDHR! To be honest I have loved each and every one of them and learned volumes on how human and civil rights are being increasingly incorporated in today’s diversity, equity, and inclusivity efforts in business and in society. 

Q: What about the online MHRIR program has added the most value to you and your career? 

A: The program incorporates a mix of disciplines, among these are analysis, business, ethics, law, philosophy, psychology, sociology, statistics, and strategy critical to addressing domestic as well as global dynamic challenges. 

Q: What skill do you feel is most important to develop for your profession? 

A: Active listening and honing qualitative and quantitative analytical skills are my top two. 

Q: What do you hope to accomplish upon completion of the online MHRIR program? 

A: Build upon the knowledge I have acquired in the MHRIR program and then apply to the Ph.D program at LER!