Jordyn DeFrates, MHRIR 2024
Lead Talent Acquisition Consultant, Duly Health & Care 

Q: What has been your favorite class at LER and why? 

A: Employment Relation Systems has been my favorite so far! It was really interesting to me specifically because my father has been in a Union for the past 40 years. Growing up, I always knew my dad was in a Union but never really understood what that entailed until now. Professor Kramer was also really passionate about the material and made it a great experience! 

Q: What about the online MHRIR program has added the most value to you and your career? 

A: The online MHRIR program has allowed me to witness the “bigger picture” while working in HR. I have solely worked in Talent Acquisition since graduating college. I believe the program has allowed me to connect better with my peers and have more of an understanding that we all function as one. The program has also challenged me and allowed me the opportunity to think critically in challenging situations. 

Q: What skill do you feel is most important to develop for your profession? 

A: Change management is a large area of focus to develop within my profession. Businesses are ever changing, and I want to develop the skills to prepare, support and equip individuals for success. So often, individuals come into organizations and don’t know where to go if they are struggling with changes within the company or with their role in general – I hope to be a support system for them. 

Q: What do you hope to accomplish upon completion of the online MHRIR program? 

A: After completion of the online MHRIR program, I would love to move into an HR Business Partner role. I have a really strong passion for employee relations, retention and company culture. I have worked in the healthcare sector most of my career and plan to continue to do so after graduation!