Fall recruiting will be here before you know it, and we are getting numerous requests to host events, visits, information sessions, and interviews. We would be thrilled to host your organization!

Classes begin on Monday, August 22. We will start our workshops and information sessions at that time. Our in-person interviews will begin Tuesday, September 27. This will give our students time to get acclimated to campus and prepare for their interviews. Please contact Brooke D’Urso to reserve dates.

LER works to not double book slots, causing attendance issues at your events. Please work through our office to get both in-person and virtual events on our calendar to ensure that we do not schedule events that conflict. This allows students can give their full attention to each of our partners through the process.

You can make stronger connections with the students through events or classroom speaking. Contact Nell Madigan and we can find opportunities and events that meet your organization’s goals.

We’re excited to head back into a more normal school year, and look forward to welcoming you and finding top talent for your HR team!